Welcome! Teamsters Local 805

The Sandy Pope Leadership Action Team is proud to welcome you to the new Local 805 website


There will be a Volunteer Organizer training workshop held on Saturday, May 13th in Manhattan. This is a free, all-day event and lunch is included.


In another landslide organizing victory, Vendlink/Canteen Services voted 32 to 7 to join Teamsters Local 805,


Interest in joining a union by an ex-805 member. The company is located near HLA in Farmingdale, Long Island and services vending machines in the greater New York area.


The Sandy Pope Leadership Action Team is proud to welcome you to the new Local 805 website. From here you will be able to access and review virtually every aspect of Local 805’s activities. We will be making frequent updates, so check back often!

Pro Union


Teamsters Local 805 is dedicated to pro-union, pro-worker activism, nationally and in our own communities. We encourage you to follow the links below and learn about the issues that directly affect working men and women like yourselves.


The YMCA of Greater New York has joined the NYC Central Labor Council’s Summer Camp Program. Any Union member registering their child for a YMCA Summer Camp will have $50 taken off their camp fee. Just inform YMCA Camping Services when registering.

Summer Camps


The Local 805 toy drive ended today when Rose Trucking Shop Steward Charles “Butch” Cassens collected the donations and brought them to the Hale House Center for distribution. The toy drive, organized by Local 805 and Rose Trucking, collected toys from many of the Local 805 shops.

Help Stop Social Security Privatization

Privatizing Social Security would cut guaranteed benefits by 40%, leave many retirees in poverty, and explode the deficit. We have time to strengthen Social Security the right way. Tell Congress to take The Pledge to Strengthen Social Security.


Protect Social Security is dedicated to turning the tide on this national crisis. Signing the electronic petition at www.InThisTogetherCampaign.org can make a huge difference in the fight. Please visit their website and sign the petition.


Also be sure to see when the next general meeting will be, and how to be a part of our next organizing campaign. Your Union is strong, active, and growing. Come be a part of the labor movement. Come be an active member of Teamsters Local 805.


The Wal-Mart Free Coalition is a broad-based citywide group of civic, labor, and elected officials working to ensure that Wal-Mart and its negative practices are kept out of New York City.


Throughout the pages that follow, we have provided information for our members to learn about the extensive benefits provided under our Welfare Plan. Fund participants receive comprehensive coverage from hospitalization and doctors’ visits to prescription drugs, vision and dental care with little or no out-of-pocket costs.

Natalie Duque, Titan Operator, is Local 805’s newest staff member. She is an experienced user of the Titan IV computer system which keeps Local 805 connected to the Teamsters International database. Welcome to the team, Natalie!

Natalie Duque

Enrique Martinez, Business Agent, joined the Local 805 staff in January of this year. For the past 19 years Enrique has worked in various capacities for labor unions, including the Communications Workers of America.

Enrique Martinez

Joe Garcia III, Business Agent, has been a Teamster Local 805 member since 1984. A former warehouseman and driver for White Rose, he joined the 805 staff as a business agent in 1999.

Joe Garcia

Oneida Rodriguez, Administrative Assistant to the Welfare Fund, is responsible for the day-to-day activities of the Welfare Department. Lately she’s been visiting the shops to make sure that 805 members have all three healthcare cards

Oneida Rodriguez


Mobility Scooters Can Make Your Body Worse

February 4, 2021
Mobility Scooters Can Make Your Body Worse

Mobility scooter commercials abound, depicting the newfound "independence" of their users, but at the same time, mobility scooters force your upper body into a harmful sedentary state. In many cases of people who use mobility scooters, or in people who are looking into acquiring a mobility scooter, these individuals have full function of their upper body. Unlike a manual wheelchair, the mobility scooter will eliminate considerable use of the shoulders, arms and even hands.

Mobility scooter rental universal studios, This article pertains ONLY to people who, despite having difficulty walking or being unable to walk, STILL have normal use of their upper body. They may not be as strong as they used to be, as far as lifting a heavy package to head level or unscrewing tight jar lids, but as far as day-to-day tasks that require the use of the arms and shoulders, they are still quite functional. This article does NOT pertain to users of mobility scooters who have handicapped function in their upper bodies that make maneuvering a wheelchair difficult.

Mobility Scooters

With that said, I strongly recommend that you think very hard about trading your manual wheelchair for a mobility scooter; or, if you currently don't use a wheelchair, think about perhaps getting the manual wheelchair instead of the mobility scooter. Manual wheelchairs are designed to be easily rolled about and maneuvered by people with limited upper body strength. I'm a certified personal trainer, and it's so incredibly important to keep the body moving - whatever parts can still move -- throughout all phases of life. If your upper body is functional, giving this up as a result of relying on a mobility scooter will prove harmful in several ways.

I have actually seen people with limited upper body abilities maneuver around in manual wheelchairs. These are people with spinal cord injuries to their cervical neck region, rendering them partially quadriplegic; no lower body movement, and partial upper body movement. Though they cannot use their hands, they can still push the wheelchair by pressing their hands to special knobs on the wheels. If semi-quadriplegics can do this, then people with FULL use of their hands can certainly manage a wheelchair.

I knew a few young adults while in college who used mobility scooters, even though they had full function of their upper body, arms and hands. Ironically, one of the wheelchair users in my dorm was a semi-quadriplegic who couldn't hold a pencil!

By using a mobility scooter

By using a mobility scooter, you will now be burning minimal calories, and unhealthy weight gain is inevitable. Your legs won't be walking, and if you're using a mobility scooter, the upper body won't be moving much, either. The mobility scooter has now reduced you to a very sedentary state, which is very unhealthy, and not just because of the weight gain. Even if you don't gain weight, the new inactive state of your upper body will have the same consequences as lack of exercise for an able-bodied person will: increased risk of various diseases, and shortened life span.

Walking from point A to point B burns calories and gives the body a baseline level of exercise. If you use a wheelchair, the upper body replaces the legs and you will still get a nice baseline level of exercise throughout the day, rolling from point A to point B. If you use a mobility scooter, your shoulders and arms become very passive because all they do is rest, while the hands remain placed on the mobility scooter's front bars for electric control and some subtle steering. Your upper body becomes virtually immobilized with a mobility scooter. So now, the entire body is in a passive state throughout your waking period, and this is detrimental to health and fitness.

The fact that you may be using your upper body, while in the mobility scooter, to do things such as knit, crochet, work in the tool shop, weld, build a birdhouse, bake pies, make bread, etc., should be of no consolation, because these are transient, intermittent activities. Walking is not intermittent because we just do it so often throughout the day. When the arms replace walking, by pushing a wheelchair, this upper body activity is anything but intermittent.

So if your hands are busy while you live in the mobility scooter, don't let that fool you. For all practical purposes, your upper body is still severely being shortchanged. Imagine the exercise baseline you'd be getting if, in addition to baking those pies, building the birdhouse, crocheting, wiping dishes, etc., you were also using your upper body to ambulate by pushing a wheelchair! What great exercise for the upper body!

getting a mobility scooter

The mobility scooter will kill your opportunity for a baseline level of exercise. If you are using a mobility scooter BUT are also doing strength training exercises with weights, this still isn't nearly as beneficial to overall fitness as compared to doing strength training exercises while living life using a manual wheelchair. After all, people who rely on walking to get around every day will still go to the gym and do strength training exercises for their legs.

So if you're thinking of getting a mobility scooter, ask yourself if it's a smart idea to create such a drastic reduction in upper body activity. Yes, mobility scooters will bring you that "freedom," but ask yourself if you really, really need to free your upper body from valuable exercise. And once again, remember: This article pertains ONLY to people with normal upper body function who are capable of using a manual wheelchair, but have been sold by one of those enchanting mobility scooter commercials, or who don't like the idea of using their arms to ambulate, even though their arms and upper body are in good condition. Do you want your upper body to atrophy (lose precious muscle?)

Masters 2021 Live Stream in 4K

January 19, 2021
Masters 2021 Live Stream in 4K

4K elevates the golf watching experience to a whole new level. And as time passes, more and more people are getting 4k devices and expecting their favorite sports to be available in 4k.

The good news is that the Masters 2021 Live Stream will also be available in 4k. This will boost the quality of broadcasting. All the details on how to watch

What is 4K?

4k also called Ultra HD, refers to display resolution with more than 8 million active pixels. Traditional displays come with a 1080p resolution. 4k is 4x higher than that. This means the picture in this is sharper and clear.

The world has entered the 4k era because of its crystal clear picture quality. That means you can see every detail with high clarity.

Where to Watch Masters 2021 Live Stream In 4K?

Where to Watch Masters 2021 Live Stream In 4K

Producing 4k videos isn't an easy job. It requires more human power and the latest high-end cameras. This is why 4k production is limited.

But the good news is, The Masters 2021 will be available in 4k. It started back in 2018, and after that every year they're also streaming live in 4k.

However, you just can not enjoy the tournament on every channel with Ultra HD resolution. Though a lot of broadcasters will stream the event live, they won't offer 4k. So, where to watch in 4k?

You can enjoy this tournament on Direct TV with Ultra HD resolution. They are broadcasting the Masters in 4k since 2018. And this year they also have the agreement to do that. For 4k streaming, Direct TV will use Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG).

To watch in this resolution, you will have to tune in to channels 105 and 106. The 4k broadcast will start on Thursday at 10 am and end on Sunday. However, not due to limitations of required resources, only a few holes will be available on 4k. They are hole 11, 12, 13, 15 & 16. Others will be in Full HD resolution.

We prefer 4k because in this resolution you can watch every shot with clear detail. If you are a true golf fan, then you will know how amazing it feels to watch the tee-off with this much transparency.

Can I Watch The Masters 2021 Live Stream on My Device?

Can I Watch The Masters 2021 Live Stream on My Device

It is important to know that, to enjoy the clarity of 4k videos, you need to have a device with 4k resolution. If your Tv or whatever device isn't an Ultra HD one, then you will experience the resolution up to what it supports.

But if you want to watch the tournament in 4k, you can get a new TV that supports the resolution. They have become affordable lately. Sony, Samsung, Philips, and many more top brands offer 4k tv at a reasonable price.

Final Thoughts

Recently, 4K videos have revolutionized the sports-watching experience. If you have watched the Masters 2021 Live Stream on Ultra HD screens already, you should know how amazing it is. It's excellent news for us that this year The Masters will be available in 4k. However, if you haven't got a 4k device yet, we highly recommend you to get one to experience the thrill of sports.

Will Hotmail Shut Down Your Email Account?

January 8, 2021
Will Hotmail Shut Down Your Email Account

Did you receive an email stating that your Hotmail email account was being closed? Did it also state that if you responded with the correct verification information that it would not be closed? Did it also give you a time limit within which you must reply, such as 5, or 7 or 14 days? If you did, apparently you are not alone. Several million Hotmail account holders received the same, and similar, emails - and several million Hotmail and Windows Live account holders went into a panic of sorts.

Will Hotmail really shut down 11 year customers?

will Hotmail really shut down 11 year customers

I received many emails like this. As a hotmail account holder with 3 accounts - 2 of which I have had for about a 11 years - this was truly a jarring experience. When I received the first threat, I did not know what this meant. What was I supposed to do? How do I get them to stop? Is it really true? I have thousands of emails on my accounts, with information of tremendous significance. What will happen if they shut it down? Should I open other accounts, such as gmail or yahoo, and copy all the emails, paste them into the new accounts? That would take forever! I'm far too busy, and besides, what if this is a hoax?

Be aware of the phishing hoax

Phishing pertains to the illegal act of intentionally trying to obtain personal information from an individual or company through deception, fraud, or other means. According to RSA, a business security concern, online fraud has been estimated at approximately $4,000 an attack, with over 203,000 phishing attacks in 2019, which represents a 27% increase over 2018. It affects a broad and vast variety of people from all over the world, though, of course, the U.S. leads in being the most phished.

Phishers request your personal information

The email I received asked for my specifics, including name, address, password, and social security number. It arrived on a similar, but not identical, hotmail email letterhead, with logo, fonts, look, and feel all Hotmail. The first thing I did - later to learn it was the incorrect action - was clicking on and opening the email. The act of opening the email is enough in and of itself to hack in to the system, although not likely the goal in this type of phishing scam. After I read the email several times, I observed that there were two spelling errors. Ah ha! There is absolutely no way that Hotmail is going to send out an email to its customers which is not accurately written, edited and proofed. Upon further examination, I realized that the logos were not in the usual places, and that the font itself was a little bit different. It appeared something was up.

hotmail told me they would absolutely not close accounts

Hotmail told me they would absolutely not close accounts

Further research on google revealed that this was indeed a phishing letter, a scam, intended to obtain my information for their personal use. I wrote hotmail at their specific phishing email address, which is abuse@hotmail.com, and sent them a copy of the email. Fast forward a day or so later - hotmail responded stating that they would absolutely never ask for any information from their customers, and, further, that they have absolutely no intentions whatsoever in closing my email account or that of anyone else. They also stated that the information I sent them was actually incomplete - they needed me to resend the letter with the header, which is the information that reveals the source of the email. There were specific directions how to obtain the header and send to them without opening the email itself - a caveat if there were any future phishing letters sent to me.

Every email provider has phishing divisions to contact

I must have been on a phishing list, because indeed, I received dozens of phishing emails over the next months and year. It is possible that when I opened the email it signaled the hacks that I was a possible mark. They were from different sources. Some of the emails were extremely intricate and creative, with moving banners and hotmail information otherwise correct. Usually, though, they were easily and instantly recognizable because of their spelling, grammatical and printing errors and appearance. At first I was a bit angry, but after I understood how to obtain the header, I sent the information to hotmail - or to the specific email provider which was at the source of the sender's email account. Each provider has specific email addresses to contact. It felt good to be a part of the cure instead of feeling victimized. I paid attention to the blocking options on my incoming emails and selected the best filters for my use. I learned not only about phishing, but spam, which will be covered in another article, read more here.

How to Rekey a Lock with the Master Key?

January 6, 2021
How to Rekey a Lock with the Master Key

The master key system has many pins to open many locks which mean that it will open all kind of door locks with the help of best suit keys. Even multiple locks can open by using this system. These keys are safe to use in different kinds of locks. This is a hassle-free method to use the rekeying features for the locks which you are using. If you are lost the key, then you will use this master key. There is no worry to get panic in any situation. To increase the security of the control in the business area or any other place, there is a use of the master key is valuable.  Protecting the master keys is a necessary part of daily life. Furthermore, there is no need to spend expensive money for buying these keys. This is a one-time cost for all locks which you have been. Sometimes, it is unavailable with you means that some locksmith key models will match for the locks which you had lost. All locks keys can be rekeyed. Even old keys model can be replaced with the duplicate keys based on the rekeying method. Every cylinder lock can be operated by using only the help of a master key. To upgrade the system of the master key is the useful method and which helps you the best big hand at the time of emergency. The well-improved lock can be replaced with the master key option. However, it provides reliable security and which is an effective way to replace, go here.

The internal mechanism of the lock:

The mechanism of the lock will be used for the rekeying process. Here opening and closing of the lock will work with the easy accessing technique. A new key can replace with the perfect key with the help of master key. It is made with the adjustment of tumblers in the old lock. Furthermore, it provides the best security to the lock which you want to make a master key. Generally, it is simple to build with the master key system. This is not only made for the single lock but also it is used for multiple locks. This is one of the common keys which replace all of your keys. The elimination of multiple keys, the compromised master key can be rekeyed for all your residential and commercial places. Some special master keys are designed under complete security. The technician or locksmith made this special mechanism with a simple analysis. Here the key is the same for all the locks which is a great way to eliminate the risk in missed keys. There are pins, shear line and key notches are designed to match the locks. However, it provides the security standards. Also, compromise aim to safe making technique is possible with the master wafer.  The better convenience way to neglect the tension at an emergency is given by the one master key. One more additional benefit is to reduce the number of keys which you are carrying.

What is the Latest Trend in Interior House Paint?

December 31, 2020
What is the Latest Trend in Interior House Paint

Home interiors are the most classic and delicate place. Most of the peoples are wanted to paint their house interior with the latest trendy colors. Nowadays lots of trending 3D designs are available in the market. You can choose your selection to make your home elegant. If you not much clear of paint just get help from any best designers. Here you can discover some basic ways and the latest trending colors. Most of the peoples are like lilac gray, dark, green, soft clay, soft pink, mustard, new blue paint colors and so on. The latest trending interiors house paints are meadow grass, hermit shack, summer pink, rose debut, youngberry, turquoise treat, baby aqua, lake view, and so on. You can get a proper guide to learn the process of creating, selecting, and applying colors for an interior house. Few peoples are using different colors of paint for decorating their homes. Some peoples are preferring paints to secure the family members from germs and viruses. It is the best way of thinking about their house as well as their family.

The process of selecting paint colors for interior house

The process of selecting paint colors for interior house

The first step is to start choosing your design and color of paint which you are decided in the previous to decorate your house. And then choose the color depends on your design. It will help to apply the latest, stylish, items, accessories, shadows, colors, and materials. For getting the exact and perfect work finishing just conclude with your design and color of the painting. Do not change the color or design in between the work doing. You need to gain some basic knowledge of colors and materials like a perfect professional. This means you should put some effort to know the work process and research about the interior house colors. And understand fully about the color contrast for your house. These skills will help you to become and stand with the confident decision about your interior paint color selection, design selection, selecting colors for your furniture, and other accessories, and so on.

Top color trends for interior house

Top color trends for interior house

While the house comes to the painting stage, they taking more concerned about their budget. So that you should choose your color selection depends on your budget, health, as well as creativity. You may think why we should take more effort for house interior, just think where you are spending yours most of the time. Of course, most of the people are spending lots of time in the house. While you are choosing present, lovely, and neat colors for your interior house, it will give you some energy. It will be giving you a healthier and happy mood while entering your house. While you are taking more concern about your material which you have chosen just get some help from the professionals. Because they are work with all the brands. They will give you a better and perfect solution. That may have an uncountable color combination that you did not know.

How to Rekey a Lock Without the Original Key?

December 17, 2020
How to Rekey a Lock Without the Original Key

Unlocking the locks using rekeying is the possible way even you missed or lost your original key. But you can pick remove the lock to rekeying it. Because that original key may take by any person. It is not safe for your house. Better change your lock instead of rekeying the house lock. You can have an easier step to rekey process to unlock without the original key. Lock is one of the most important part to secure and prevent your things which is placed inside the home. Here is a tip to rekey your lock instead of replace or pick them altogether. If you are in the rental house, they are offering only one key. In this case, the homeowner will have another key for your rental house. Just buy it to rekey your home. The homeowners may contain copies of keys. Replacing or rekeying may need a lot of money while the lock is expensive.

Possible way to rekeying the lock

Possible way to rekeying the lock

Rekeying and replacing the lock are different from each other. Rekeying and replacing or changing the locks are plays a vital role while you missed or misplaced your key. You are going to use the secondary key to open the lock is known as rekeying. You are going to change the fresh lock instead of rekeying it known as the changing the lock. Locksmith Phoenix is the only option to secure the whole home. It is secured with a pin or key. You can get help from the services which are well in rekeying the lock. They have different tools for rekeying your lock. They are rekeying your lock without any dents or damages. They are charged only for the labor. If you want to replace your lock it cost more than the rekeying process. Do not worry about your misplaced key, because most of the door locks have the chance to rekeying it. If you think about your budget rekeying is the suitable one.

Different options to rekey the lock

Different options to rekey the lock

You can have three different ways to rekey your lock. The first step is accessing the service you are well in rekeying the lock, which is detailly explained above. The second one is changing or replacing your lock. It is such a best way to secure your house. But it cost a little expensive. The third option is buying a new rekeying kit, to open your lock. Once you buy the rekeying kit it will help for long-lasting. If you did not find the inexpensive rekey tool in your nearby store, just buy it from online shops. You can purchase the rekeying tool which is necessary for your house. It is suitable for every lock. Most of the hardware stores are having all kinds of rekeying kits. These kits are kinds of everything which you need to rekey your house. The rekeying process to unlock needs a few minutes and inexpensive. But replacing the key needs a minimum of an hour and expensive.

How to Estimate tax Refund Calculator?

December 16, 2020
How to Estimate tax Refund Calculator

Have you ever thought a tax refund can be your good savings? Many of the people worldwide get back their handsome amount in the form of a tax refund.

Estimating a tax refund can be a good idea, which saves your money to spend this extra money to meet your needs.

But Tools Pilot think it is a terrible job, and they even do not try to estimate their tax refund calculations.

Things are changing, and we need to save every penny; it becomes essential for us to calculate tax refund.

No need to bother; stay here and know-how simply you can estimate your tax refund?

How can I estimate my tax refund by calculator?

How can I estimate my tax refund by calculator

If you are new to that, there is a simple online tax refund calculator, which will help you estimate your tax refund. Please follow below simple steps to estimate your tax refund.

Step one:

First of all, open the main screen of the online tax refund calculator; when you will on the screen, you need to enter your status; you can enter your status "Single" or "Married."

Step Two:

Once you have entered your status, if you are married then, in the next step, you will need to enter your plan for filing, such as individuals or with your spouse, but this option is skipped for single.

If you enter you as married, then all the details regarding your wife, such as her expenses and wages, also include the calculations.

Step Three

In the third step, enter your age.

Fourth step:

After step three, in the fourth step, it will require W-2 information; if you have it with you, then select yes and provide detail, and if you do not have then press "No" and move to the next step.

Fifth Step:

In the fifth step here, you will need to enter your estimated wages for the year, but do not include your other incomes.

Only permanent wages are considered because other incomes change with time, sometimes these are higher in amount while sometimes you have nothing to consider.

Sixth Step:

In step six, you will need to enter the amount of tax you have already paid; the menu will be as "withholdings."

This withholding tax will deduct from your whole income, and after deducting your already paid tax amount, your tax refund will calculate.

Refund Calculator

Seventh Step:

The last and final step is to press the button to calculate your tax refund; actually, the tax refund will be the same as the amount you have paid in the form of taxes in the year.

So, with better estimation, now you have an idea about your savings in the form of a tax refund.

Final Thoughts:

A tax refund is essential to calculate to get relief from the government tax department; if you do not calculate your tax refund, you will pay double tax, losing money. Now calculate your estimated tax refund by following the above simple steps and save your worthy money.

Watch Daytona 500 Live on a Smartphone

December 13, 2020
Watch Daytona 500 Live

These days, individuals can make simple access to get any sort of information from their smartphone. It is conceivable with the utilization of innovation for everyone will have the option to follow all the live stream of Daytona results. It doesn't make a difference where you are in which nation you need to know. It's entirely adaptable to get all the information with the utilization of internet administrations.

 On the planet, Daytona is one of the mainstream sports that have 3 to 4 million fans around the world. Once in a while, it's exceptionally difficult to look at the Daytona live stream. It would be difficult to get all the updates about the live stream the world over. In any case, it turns out to be simple for all the Daytona darlings when you are finding the best website to get all the updates. You can look at all the updates from versatile administrations without any problem. Too, you can get all the reports on your mobile phone by visiting a web perusing website. Without any questions, you will have the option to get the Daytona live stream from your contraption.

Watch Daytona 500 Live on a Smartphone

 These days' kin generally loves to get for stream on the internet because they can look at the stream anyplace or whenever. There are several websites accessible on the Internet that incorporates Watch Daytona 500 Live to look at the live insights concerning Daytona. When you go online, you can without much of a stretch search for the administrations of every one of these websites. On the other hand, you will have the option to look at all the subtleties of each second. It's conceivable to follow a wide range of results all at once about Daytona groups. You can look at all the significant perspectives incorporate card subtleties, substitution, or playlists.

 On a few websites, you can discuss the Daytona tournaments and converse with one another. For all the games sweethearts on the internet is the best solution to get live stream refreshes about Daytona associations. Furthermore, you can look at all the updates about past Daytona groups. If you need to get the spotless or quick live stream benefits then you can visit the website to look at all the outcomes. No questions, you can see all the data records in less time.

Make certain to pick the reputed website before the visit on any irregular. Once in a while, these websites need access to request the subtleties of charge or Visas. In every one of these cases, you must be careful or don't share the subtleties without computation or getting information.

It is very easy to get all updates about Daytona live tournament on the smartphone. You only need a faster internet connection to get updates about racing tracks and professional racers. This will help to bring all the updates about the live tournament on the smartphone in a short amount of time. Catch all updates easily with no doubt on the website that you need to find.

How to Straight the Hair with Straightener?

December 8, 2020
How to Straight the Hair with Straightener

Straighteners are great tools that make us able to straighten and reshape our hair in different styles.

The hairstyles that look very difficult now become simple and quick to make with a hair straightener.

But it does not mean anyone can make his hairstyle with a hair straightener, all of us can straighten our hair, but we need proper guidelines; otherwise, we may burn or damage our hair.

How I straighten my hair with a straightener?

How I straighten my hair with a straightener

There are below six steps to help you to learn about straightening your hair with a straightener.

Step One:

First of all, you need to wash your hair with smoothing or moisturizing shampoo and conditioners. You can use any of the local products; it will work well with your Hair Straightener Hub.

Now use a soft towel to dry your hair, but do not squeeze your hair forcefully; it may cause damage and breakage of hair.

Once you have ensured your hairs are dry, now use heat protection cream on your hair; this cream will protect your hair from a burn if you have to make your straightener hotter.

After that, if you may notice some wetness, it is better to blow to dry your hair. Dry hair not only makes it easy to straighten hair but also protects your hair from damage.

Step Two:

Now plug-in your straightener and adjust the required heat; if your hairs are thicker, then set at a high level of heat, but if your hair is thinner, then set the low level of heat.

Now make sections of your hair, it depends on the thickness of the hair, people who have thicker hair need more sections, but few sections for thin hair people.

No matter your hairs are thicker or thinner but do not make thick hair sections if you want better and quick straightening of your hair.

When you making sections, pin-up the sections separately; it will make your task easy.

Step Three:

Now use a straightener; try to get a straightener close to the hair's roots, but do not burn your skin; keep it a minimum 1 inch above your head skin. Do not move straightener too quickly; go slowly by keeping you safe from burning.

Now clamp the straightener downward, but do not stop the straightener at the same spot for too long; it can burn your hair. Move the hair straightener down the length of the section of your hair, but keep the motion of the straightener smooth and steady.

It is best to run the straightener on each section for 2 to three minutes, repeat the same process for each section, and complete all the sections one by one.

Step Four:

Now unclip the section and move the straightener on hair from one side to the other side; it is easy and does not take much time.

Unclip each section one by one, move your straightener from one side to the other side and complete all sections.

Step Five:

Now take your blow-dry and set it on the lowest cold air; use the blow-dry carefully to set your straightened hair. The use of a brush can make your task simpler and quicker.

Step Six:

The last and final step is to apply the hairspray, which will keep your hair straight for more time. Do not use low-quality hairspray not just give low average but also damage hair.

Hair with Straightener

Final Thoughts:

If you have curly and dry hair and feel difficulty making styles, then using a hair straightener is a good idea.

Using a hair straightener is not a difficult task, but we need proper care and guidelines about how to use it while we want to straighten our hair using a hair straightener. If we do not use it carefully and properly, we may damage our hair or not get the required results.

AMA Supercross 2021 Live Stream

December 4, 2020
AMA Supercross 2021 Live Stream

If you haven't been through recent AMA supercross updates, then you'll be happy to know that AMA has announced the date of AMA Supercross 2021 Live Stream. It's going to happen from 16th January 2021.

The detailed schedule of the first 17 rounds has been updated to the American Motorcyclists Association website's official website. It can be found on a variety of websites now. The opening venue of this year's supercross is the NRG stadium located in Houston, TX.

Every year the whole series lengthens for 4-5 months, and it happens in 17 or more different locations. Till now, only 7 locations have been disclosed. But that's not the issue.

AMA Supercross live attendance

AMA Supercross live attendance

AMA has decided not to let the regular number of audiences enjoy the AMA Supercross 2021 Live Stream because of pandemic safety issues. Only a few numbers of audiences will be able to be there at the stadium.

People are not allowed to be in contact to remain safe. As you know already, the USA has been positively affected by the coronavirus. That's why AMA has taken this safety measure.

History of AMA Supercross

History of AMA Supercross

AMA was established back in 1924 and has been active for the last 96 years having more than 200,000 members and 1,100 charter clubs who organize thousands of events throughout the year.

AMA has organized 20 national motorcycle races till now, among which 15 of them are active and every year is held. Among these 15 competitions, two of the most anticipated competitions are motocross and supercross.

Both of these competitions are off-road. Motocross was started in 1972 and supercross in 1974. Motocross is a race held on natural terrain with a very complicated course where bikers are tested for their relaxation, control, and composure.

Similarly, supercross is an off-road competition, but it is human-made and inspired by the motocross event. Thus, the course is made with dirt, sand, and soil with bumps and rails.

AMA supercross 2021 live stream

AMA supercross 2021 live stream

This year's supercross will be a viewer on live stream channels on websites and cable tv. Yes, the excitement will not be the same as experiencing the race live. But AMA supercross 2021 live stream is the only way you will enjoy the show sitting at the front row covering all safety measures.

Other than that, we have some personal safety measures to take, as well. It is not wise to go outside regarding the presence of coronavirus everywhere. We might be safe ourselves. But we could be the carrier of the disease for others. That's why we should remain inside our home and stay as safe as possible.

Final words

The safety measure is something that everyone needs to pay attention to. Otherwise, we might go to enjoy seeing our favorite bikers win the game, but we will come back with a disease that still doesn't have a cure or vaccine.

So, it will be wise for us to enjoy the show sitting at home. And the website we listed will let you view your favorite star in HD quality. So, don't miss the chance; bookmark now.

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