Five Ways to Have Fun in the Pool This Summer

Kids are always looking for ways to have fun, but summer is the perfect time to explore their creativity in new and exciting ways. The pool can be a great place to do this because it offers an endless supply of water games that your kids will love! Check out these activities below and let your children enjoy themselves all summer long.

Swimming Pool Golf

Ever wanted to play golf but hate getting your clubs or shoes wet? No problem! You can play this game with just a pool noodle and a rubber ball. Simply set up cones on the opposite side of the deep end as you are, then taking turns hitting the ball off the noodle into the water. If your ball lands in a cone, you get a stroke! The winner is whoever can sink all their balls in one go.

Marco Polo

Marco Polo

This classic game of tag works great in the pool, and all you need to play is a swimsuit and a pair of goggles! One player is “it”, and the other players hide. The person who is it closes their eyes counts to 10 while saying “Marco,” then yells “Polo!”. In this way, they are indicating that they are searching for hidden individuals. If they see one of them, they can say “Marco.” If you can touch someone without touching you first, you become it.

H20 Golf

Here’s one for the golf lovers! You’ll need a pool noodle and two rubber balls to play this game. Set up your first ball approximately six feet away from the pool wall, then set up the other 12 feet out. Hold your noodle like a club (make sure to keep one end in the water!), then hit the first ball as far as you can. Keep track of how many feet it went, and then hit your second ball. The person with the longest total distance wins!

Dunkin’ Donuts

Here’s one of our favorite pool games around here! To play, have two people stand on opposite sides of the pool, facing each other. Use a donut float to hold up an inflated ring between them to stand in water but can’t touch it. One person will have to lie down on the donut while the other tries to sink them by holding their ankles and dunking them back into the water! If you get dunked, you will have to lie on the donut for a minute.

Water Volleyball

Need a new twist on the classic game of volleyball? Instead of marking off boundaries with ropes or cones, use inflatable pool noodles to mark where each player’s net is! Just make sure that the ball doesn’t touch any part of an opponent’s body when playing, and keep in mind that every time you hit the ball over the net, your team gains a point.


We hope you enjoyed these pool games and that they gave your kids the time of their lives this summer. These activities are easy to set up, can be played by anyone, and offer much entertainment for everyone involved.