How Do I Put a Countdown Clock on My Phone

Countdowns are a great way to keep track of upcoming events. They can help remind you of important dates, such as birthdays or exam timetables. They are also a great way to build anticipation and focus. If you’re looking for a simple way to countdown days, weeks or months, you’ll find several apps on the App Store that are designed to do just that.

Countdowns can be useful for events such as weddings and graduations, but you can also use them for health tracking and task management. Whether you’re trying to motivate yourself to work harder or just want to be more productive, a countdown timer can be a great tool to help you stay focused. These apps are easy to install, and they offer a variety of features to help you customize your countdown. Luckily, they all work with iOS, Android phone, and even Windows Phone.

Countdown Plus Calendar (Lite):

Countdown Plus Calendar

This app offers a free version that shows public and private countdowns, as well as activity notifications. You can set up an event and then add a widget on your Home Screen to keep up with your schedule. If you need to countdown more than one event, you can buy the full version. It is also ad-free and offers an easy-to-use interface. Besides, it comes with a variety of free images and backgrounds to choose from. It’s also compatible with Facebook, so you can use it on your Facebook Business page.

Countdown Events:

This app helps you to create multiple countdown events, which you can then share with friends. It offers a clean design, and allows you to add photos and custom font styles to your countdowns. It also offers several customization options, including syncing with your music library and custom reminders. You can choose between a regular or immersive mode, and there are many different blur effects to choose from. It also includes an alert feature that lets you know when a countdown is due, check out the post right here.


This iOS app is designed to countdown a variety of events, such as holidays or birthdays. You can choose from a number of inbuilt backgrounds and set up a countdown for a week, a month, or even a year. The app also has a reminder function to help you remember when a countdown is coming up. You can also change the background image, add custom music, and more. It’s also ad-free and includes an editor, so you can customize your countdown to make it look just the way you want it. You can also purchase a subscription to get access to an unlimited number of countdowns.

Days Counter:

This countdown app can count down to seconds, minutes, hours, and days. It also has hundreds of in-built backgrounds and fonts.


If you need to create a stylish countdown for any occasion, this is an excellent choice. You can even customize the countdowns with your own photos and icons. If you’re using a Google calendar, you can turn on the Next meeting lab, which will display your countdowns in a new window on your desktop.