How to Straight the Hair with Straightener

Straighteners are great tools that make us able to straighten and reshape our hair in different styles.

The hairstyles that look very difficult now become simple and quick to make with a hair straightener.

But it does not mean anyone can make his hairstyle with a hair straightener, all of us can straighten our hair, but we need proper guidelines; otherwise, we may burn or damage our hair.

How I straighten my hair with a straightener?

How I straighten my hair with a straightener

There are below six steps to help you to learn about straightening your hair with a straightener.

Step One:

First of all, you need to wash your hair with smoothing or moisturizing shampoo and conditioners. You can use any of the local products; it will work well with your Hair Straightener Hub.

Now use a soft towel to dry your hair, but do not squeeze your hair forcefully; it may cause damage and breakage of hair.

Once you have ensured your hairs are dry, now use heat protection cream on your hair; this cream will protect your hair from a burn if you have to make your straightener hotter.

After that, if you may notice some wetness, it is better to blow to dry your hair. Dry hair not only makes it easy to straighten hair but also protects your hair from damage.

Step Two:

Now plug-in your straightener and adjust the required heat; if your hairs are thicker, then set at a high level of heat, but if your hair is thinner, then set the low level of heat.

Now make sections of your hair, it depends on the thickness of the hair, people who have thicker hair need more sections, but few sections for thin hair people.

No matter your hairs are thicker or thinner but do not make thick hair sections if you want better and quick straightening of your hair.

When you making sections, pin-up the sections separately; it will make your task easy.

Step Three:

Now use a straightener; try to get a straightener close to the hair’s roots, but do not burn your skin; keep it a minimum 1 inch above your head skin. Do not move straightener too quickly; go slowly by keeping you safe from burning.

Now clamp the straightener downward, but do not stop the straightener at the same spot for too long; it can burn your hair. Move the hair straightener down the length of the section of your hair, but keep the motion of the straightener smooth and steady.

It is best to run the straightener on each section for 2 to three minutes, repeat the same process for each section, and complete all the sections one by one.

Step Four:

Now unclip the section and move the straightener on hair from one side to the other side; it is easy and does not take much time.

Unclip each section one by one, move your straightener from one side to the other side and complete all sections.

Step Five:

Now take your blow-dry and set it on the lowest cold air; use the blow-dry carefully to set your straightened hair. The use of a brush can make your task simpler and quicker.

Step Six:

The last and final step is to apply the hairspray, which will keep your hair straight for more time. Do not use low-quality hairspray not just give low average but also damage hair.

Hair with Straightener

Final Thoughts:

If you have curly and dry hair and feel difficulty making styles, then using a hair straightener is a good idea.

Using a hair straightener is not a difficult task, but we need proper care and guidelines about how to use it while we want to straighten our hair using a hair straightener. If we do not use it carefully and properly, we may damage our hair or not get the required results.