Muskrat Custom Exotic Hardwoods

God created a most beautiful renewable resource we call exotic hardwood. There are roughly 100 different species available. I generally select from around 20 woods. I consider it sinful to use paints or stains on this wood; I have turned down projects requiring this type of abuse to this wonderful material. An interesting fact many don’t realize, it is the high cost of this wood that is saving this wonderful resource from the clear-cutting destruction for agricultural use. By creating a market for this beautiful renewable resource, we are saving the wood to be held up as fine art for future generations.

One-Off Special Exotic Hardwood Art Projects 

One-Off Special Exotic Hardwood Art Projects

From the Custom Muskrat

These candle sticks, Alter Cross, and University Mace were handcrafted for Oklahoma City University.

The cross is a Celtic design with hand-carved Celtic Knots over the face. The cross is Brazilian Cherry and Teak with Olive Wood edging from Bethlehem, Israel. The purple accents are Purpleheart; no paints or stains are ever used, only a bees wax is used over the natural wood colors…beautiful.

Large Church Crosses from 48″ high to 17 feet 

This cross was handcrafted for the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Edmond, Oklahoma. The Sanctuary was designed by TAP Architects in Oklahoma City. The cross is 17 high and 9 feet across; and sits 12 feet above the Chancel floor. It has a steel tube structure which was covered in 3/4″ Ash and then covered in 3/4″ solid Rosewood. The Trinity Rings are 2′-8″ in diameter and are made of 1″ x 2″ solid aluminum.

Small Crosses 18″ to 36″ 

For Churches, Homes and Offices

These beautiful crosses exhibit the wonderful natural colors of the exotic hardwoods. There are no visible fasteners and only blind hardwood dowels are used…never the pollution of a metal screw or nail.

Custom Furniture Pieces & Artwork 

Chests, boxes, clocks, candle supports, etc.

This piece not only holds the entertainment equipment for surround-sound and large-screen TV, but also holds the main center speaker and sub-woofer. Bird’s Eye Maple, Cardinal Wood, White Oak, and Holly are used in this one-off piece of furniture.