NooLVL is a new sports nutrition ingredient that’s tailored to the eSports and gaming market. It combines Arginine and inositol to supposedly increase processing speed, enhance executive function, and boost energy.

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The patented nooLVL ingredient combines bonded arginine silicate with inositol to increase nitric oxide production and blood flow in the brain. It also increases cognitive performance.

What is nooLVL?

NooLVL is a new sports nutrition ingredient that has been designed for the gaming and eSports industry. It combines Arginine Silicate with an optimized dose of Inositol and is said to increase processing speed, enhance executive function and boost energy levels.

Gamers rely on quick reactions, focus, memory and fine motor skills to excel during competitions, making it important for them to keep their mental performance sharp throughout the duration of the games. Research has shown that nooLVL can help to improve these skills significantly.

The company claims that it works within 15 minutes to boost energy, focus and accuracy, enhancing players’ performance in competitive video gaming environments. It also increases nitric oxide production, which allows for safe and enhanced blood flow to the brain.

The ingredient is derived from Nitrosigine(r) and has been clinically tested in a population of gamers to demonstrate its safety and efficacy. Using healthy men and women who play a minimum of five hours per week, the study found that nooLVL increased cognitive performance and decreased errors as compared to a placebo. The results also revealed that participants performed better in Trail Making Test A, B (TMT-A,B), Stroop Test and Profile of Mood States tests.

It Boosts Cognitive Performance

A patented complex of bonded arginine silicate with an optimized dose of Inositol, nooLVL is a non-stimulant ingredient clinically shown to boost cognitive performance in esports gamers. The ingredient works FAST (in 15 minutes) to safely increase perceived energy, focus+, and accuracy without negatively affecting heart rate or blood pressure.

Gaming is a fast-paced activity that requires a lot of mental stamina and concentration. Gamers also tend to get tired after a long gaming session, which reduces their reaction time and increases the chances of making errors.

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In a study published in 2021, researchers tested the effects of nooLVL on gamers before and after they played modern games for 60 minutes. The test showed that gamers who had consumed nooLVL performed significantly better in the Trail Making Test and Stroop Test compared to those who took a placebo.

The research on nooLVL continues to expand, and the data points toward a strong recommendation for this product for anyone who needs an improved sense of cognitive health. This includes gamers, and pretty much everyone else engaged in demanding mental work.

It Reduces Errors

Gamers require their short-term memory to make a myriad of decisions, spur of the moment without taking too much time to think about them. But, after a long gaming session, this reaction time can dwindle considerably, making gamers more prone to errors that can put them in a state of anxiety and mental stress.

Luckily, nooLVL can help reduce these errors and in turn, increase their overall cognitive performance. It’s a one-of-a-kind ingredient that improves executive function and reduces error rates while also increasing energy levels.

It works by boosting nitric oxide production, which may be a potent cerebral vasodilator. It’s also stimulant-free, unlike caffeine.

It’s formulated to support esports gamers, but its benefits extend to everyday people who need enhanced cognitive function and reaction times as well. The company’s first clinical study showed that nooLVL improves cognitive performance in a range of tests and mood states while reducing errors and providing self-reported increased energy levels and decreased anger.

It Increases Mental Endurance

NooLVL is a nitric oxide boosting supplement that improves the mental endurance of eSports gamers. Its patented blend of bonded arginine silicate and inositol increases brain nitric oxide production to enhance cognitive performance, increase energy, and promote focus and mental acuity.

Gamers require quick reflexes to stay ahead of the competition. But after hours of gaming, their reaction times can dwindle considerably. NooLVL boosts gamer’s short-term memory so they are better equipped to make the right decision at the right time.

The ingredient also improves processing speed, task switching, and selective attention, which support eSports players’ ability to excel at their favorite game. Additionally, it enhances perceived vigor (energy) and reduces anger, a key component of success in eSports.

In a study involving 26 male and female esports gamers, the ingredient was shown to improve cognition and mood. After taking it for one week, participants took a battery of tests before and after video game play. These included a Trail Making Test and Stroop test, which measured their reaction times and accuracy.