How do I Rekey my Commercial Door Locks

Commercial doors are used in commercial places where heavy traffic and use. We see commercial doors at public places, offices. Schools, hospitals, and commercial buildings, read this post here.

They are good performing and high-security doors that make things easy to handle and possible for you. But these doors for security purposes need to lock properly.

But it may happen that you may have lost the keys to your commercial doors and thinking of replacing the locks.

But we also have a solution for you to rekey the commercial locks and have the same security level as a new lock.

Please read our article on how do I rekey my commercial door locks? And learn how to rekey yourself and save your money.

How do I rekey my commercial door locks?

No need to worry; it is quite simple, even you can also rekey your commercial door locks. Please follow our below steps and learn to rekey your commercial door locks.

Step one:

First of all, check your commercial door lock and its specification and analyze the tools that you may need while working.

The most commonly used tools are a screwdriver, tweezers, and needle-nose pliers. Once you have arranged all the tools, now remove the knob of the commercial door lock.

You can remove the knob with the insertion of a wire tool available for you in the rekeying kit. Pull out the knob from the lock by depressing the knob clip.

Step two:

Now the main part of the lock needs removal, the main part of any lock is its cylinder. You will be able to remove the cylinder by pushing the cylinder out of the knob.

Step Three:

Check your kit; you will have a retainer ring tool; use that tool and remove the retainer ring. For help, you can follow the rekey instruction on the package.

Once you have removed the retainer ring now remove the cylinder plug from the cylinder.

It will take some time; maybe you find it difficult, but it is quite easy to remove if you follow these guidelines.

You will see pins and springs on the top portion of the cylinder that is for pressure purposes.

There you need your old key to use, insert the old key of lock and turn but turn it partially.

It will make it easy for you to remove the plug from the cylinder, but you need to keep the key in a partially turned position. If there you face difficulty, turn it more and remove the plug from the cylinder.

Commercial Door Locks

Step Four:

The last and final step is to insert the pins in the lock and reassemble the lock. Remove all the old pins from the lock and insert the new pins in the lock.

Once you have inserted the pins, now reassemble the lock. Once you have reassembled the lock, check it and verify its operation.

Final Thoughts:

You have read our article about how do I rekey my commercial door locks? We have provided you some simple steps that will help you to rekey your commercial door locks with ease.