How to Adjust Side Mounted Garage Door springs

Have you faced a problem in opening and closing of the garage door? You have checked and found there is not any damage is an issue with the door.

You should check the spring of the garage door. When a spring misplaces from its proper place, you may face issue in the appropriate opening and closing of the garage door.

Tension in the spring makes it possible for you to open and close the door with ease. If you have a standard garage door, then you can adjust the side mounted door springs on yourself.

What needs to prepare before adjustment?

What needs to prepare before adjustment

When you are going to make an adjustment, then make it some preparation for adjustment of springs. It will help you to complete your work correctly.

There are two types of springs used in the garage door, first of all, identify the types of the spring used. You have checked and found that side mounted garage door springs are used in your door.

Now try to encounter what is the problem with your spring, it will help you early resolution of the issue. Now arrange all the necessary tools such as c-clamp, masking tape, an adjustable wrench and sturdy ladder.

How to adjust side mounted garage door springs?

How to adjust side mounted garage door springs

• First of all to make springs from the door, open the door and disconnect the opener from the garage door. Open the lock with pulling emergency release cord up and down. The door will open, and tension on the springs will release.
• To make your door secure from falling during work, place a c-clamp below the roller of the door.
• Now you need to remove the hook of spring. You will see the spring that will be attached to the hanger and screwed with a nut. When you ensure there is no tension in the spring, then remove it.
• Next to that move hook of spring in the upper or lower side, to adjust tension in the spring.
• Adjust the tension in the spring, make an adjustment with one hole at a time and make it sure that you have adjusted both of the holes equally.
• When you see your door has balanced then move the hook to the new place and by replacing the nut tighten the hook into place with the help of a wrench.
• Once you have adjusted the springs in another hole, unclamp the door and test its functionality. Lower down the door to see how it feels.
• If your door is balanced, then your task is completed, but if you still need adjustment than adjust in the next hole. Repeat the all process again and again to get the right results.
• On the end lubricant the spring and all other parts for the proper functioning of the garage door.

Final Thoughts:

Garage door springs make it simple to open and close the garage door. But if there is a fault in the spring then, you will face the problem. If you find the problem, fix it by making adjustments of the spring in the holes yourself.