Masters 2021 Live Stream in 4K

4K elevates the golf watching experience to a whole new level. And as time passes, more and more people are getting 4k devices and expecting their favorite sports to be available in 4k.

The good news is that the Masters 2021 Live Stream will also be available in 4k. This will boost the quality of broadcasting. All the details on how to watch

What is 4K?

4k also called Ultra HD, refers to display resolution with more than 8 million active pixels. Traditional displays come with a 1080p resolution. 4k is 4x higher than that. This means the picture in this is sharper and clear.

The world has entered the 4k era because of its crystal clear picture quality. That means you can see every detail with high clarity.

Where to Watch Masters 2021 Live Stream In 4K?

Where to Watch Masters 2021 Live Stream In 4K

Producing 4k videos isn’t an easy job. It requires more human power and the latest high-end cameras. This is why 4k production is limited.

But the good news is, The Masters 2021 will be available in 4k. It started back in 2018, and after that every year they’re also streaming live in 4k.

However, you just can not enjoy the tournament on every channel with Ultra HD resolution. Though a lot of broadcasters will stream the event live, they won’t offer 4k. So, where to watch in 4k?

You can enjoy this tournament on Direct TV with Ultra HD resolution. They are broadcasting the Masters in 4k since 2018. And this year they also have the agreement to do that. For 4k streaming, Direct TV will use Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG).

To watch in this resolution, you will have to tune in to channels 105 and 106. The 4k broadcast will start on Thursday at 10 am and end on Sunday. However, not due to limitations of required resources, only a few holes will be available on 4k. They are hole 11, 12, 13, 15 & 16. Others will be in Full HD resolution.

We prefer 4k because in this resolution you can watch every shot with clear detail. If you are a true golf fan, then you will know how amazing it feels to watch the tee-off with this much transparency.

Can I Watch The Masters 2021 Live Stream on My Device?

Can I Watch The Masters 2021 Live Stream on My Device

It is important to know that, to enjoy the clarity of 4k videos, you need to have a device with 4k resolution. If your Tv or whatever device isn’t an Ultra HD one, then you will experience the resolution up to what it supports.

But if you want to watch the tournament in 4k, you can get a new TV that supports the resolution. They have become affordable lately. Sony, Samsung, Philips, and many more top brands offer 4k tv at a reasonable price.

Final Thoughts

Recently, 4K videos have revolutionized the sports-watching experience. If you have watched the Masters 2021 Live Stream on Ultra HD screens already, you should know how amazing it is. It’s excellent news for us that this year The Masters will be available in 4k. However, if you haven’t got a 4k device yet, we highly recommend you to get one to experience the thrill of sports.