US Open Golf 2021 Live Stream: Top 5 Predictions

Golf is a highly unpredictable game. Hence, you never know who comes up as the winner. It requires both skill and luck to win the game. But based on their recent performance, we can make some predictions about who can win. The US Open Golf 2021 live stream will be broadcasted from 17th to 18th June. You can watch the tournament from anywhere to see who becomes the Champion. For now, let’s predict who can become that person.

Top 5 Players Who Possibly Can Win the 2021 US Open Golf

A lot of legendary players will participate in this year’s US Open Golf, including Dustin Johnson, Roy McIlroy, Brooks Koepka, and more. A lot of fans expected Tiger Woods to participate in the game. He has won the previous US Open Golf Championship when it took place in Torrey Pines in 2008. Sadly, due to injury, he won’t be able to participate in this year’s edition.

However, the following is a list of the top 5 players who can win the Championship:

[Note: This prediction is purely based on the player’s previous performance. Hence, we don’t recommend anyone to make betting decisions based on this list]

1. Bryson DeChambeau

Bryson DeChambeau

Bryson DeChambeau won the USGA Championship title last year. So, there’s a high chance he can hold the title once again. However, he is struggling in the PGA tour. Still, DeChambeau holds the capacity to rise from the bottom. Previously we have seen multiple players win the title consecutively. If Bryson DeChambeau does that this year, he will be creating history.

2. Hideki Matsuyama

Earlier this year, Hideki Matsuyama won the 85th edition of the Masters golf tournament. He is the Japanese professional golfer to win the title. Matsuyama started the year on high. Can he continue it till the US Open Championship this year? To know that, you need to watch the US Open Golf 2021 live stream.

3. Dustin Johnson

Dustin Johnson is one of the most talked-about players to win the 121st edition of the US Open Golf Championship. Previously in 2016, he held the title once. Then last year, he also won the Masters tournament. Currently, he is in very good shape and prepared to win his second USGA Open Championship.

4. John Rahm

John Rahm will be participating in the event from Spain. He made his name known when he became the number one golfer in the world golf rankings last year. Rahm is working hard to get his first US Open win. He may get his dream come true this year.

5. Rory McIlroy

Rory McIlroy

Rory McIlroy hasn’t won any major tournament for a long time. He won the US Open title last in 2011. Besides, he also won some tours around that time. It’s expected that once again, he will make his presence known in the golf world. What can be a better occasion than the US Open?

Final Thoughts

There are more than 100 players who will participate in this year’s US Open Championship. So, you never know who gets the victory. The only way to know is to watch the US Open Golf 2021 live stream in June. So, who are you cheering for this year?